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10 Ways Terra Nova Somatic Arts Was Made Just for You…

I created Terra Nova Somatic Arts so that I could give back to others after experiencing the transformative power of somatic practices along with other complimentary modalities, like life coaching, mindfulness, and shadow integration. This blog and business has been made with you in mind because I heartily believe that the tools, techniques, and practices that I have learned through personal experience and extensive training have the potential to truly transform your life as it has mine. Read on to find out ways in which you might resonate with my work here…

Terra Nova Somatic Arts is for you if you…

  1. Fear you are in your head too much and have a feeling that connecting with your body more will lead to greater balance in your life
  2. Feel broken and keep trying to “fix” yourself, but are sick of being on that tiresome treadmill (hint: you aren’t broken – I’ll tell you more about that later)
  3. Ache to remember and experience your wholeness
  4. Have big dreams for your life, but keep getting stuck because of old habits and patterns that no longer serve you
  5. Are super stressed out or are in or near burnout, and need to learn some ways to rediscover a sense of centeredness and nourished vitality – STAT!
  6. Are a fan of alchemy, magic, and/or manifestation techniques, but don’t like all of the spiritual bypassing and victim blaming that seems to come up with some of those theories and practices
  7. Have experienced trauma and want to use bodywork and/or coaching as an adjunct to treatments with licensed mental health professionals (watch out for more info on how my work is trauma-informed)
  8. Want to learn how to feel more connected and safe in your body
  9. Want to learn how to relax more deeply and self-regulate when you become stressed out
  10. Want to cultivate deeper compassion, love, and acceptance for yourself, other humans, and all of life on our glorious, shared planet Earth
  11. BONUS reason! You love to wrestle with complexity and contradiction and accept that knowing the answer is less important than asking the question. You want to lead with empathy, curiosity, and wonder in your life, and you want to learn more ways how to do that.

If you resonate with any of the statements in the above list, I see you!

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