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I currently offer three somatic education classes for groups. All classes are optimized for live online learning, however, they can be adapted to in-person gatherings. If you are interested in booking a class, please send me a message via my contact form here. Pricing is based on a per person, sliding-scale cost of $25-45 each. There is a 3 person enrollment minimum for each class.

I also offer free somatic practice sessions every Tuesday at 2pm PST in my Facebook Group, Somatic Practices with Nova.

Available Classes:

Growing your Somatic Awareness with Nature

Increase your ability to receive wise messages from your body and the natural world through co-regulation techniques that deeply soothe your nervous system. At the end of this class you will have learned 3 practices for growing and expanding your connection with yourself and nature.

EFT Tapping and Breathwork

In this class, we will first explore breathing techniques that soothe the vagus nerve help you to connect with your body in the present moment. Then, we will learn the basic Emotional Freedom Technique tapping sequence which will aid in the release of one of your stickiest challenges. At the end of the session you will tap on a supportive resource or affirmation to leave the session feeling calm and centered.

Self-Massage Techniques for Stress- and Pain-Relief

Self-massage is a beautiful way to love on and nourish yourself. In this class, you will learn simple, safe, and soothing massage techniques to decrease stress and pain while creating a loving connection with your body and enhancing your overall wellbeing.