You probably grew up under circumstances generally bereft of mindful and healthy social-emotional conditioning which means you never learned how to consciously regulate your mind and body nor did you learn to co-regulate with others. Instead, you likely unconsciously developed a mix of helpful and harmful survival strategies to cope with stress and trauma. Many of these strategies will have served you for a time. However, as you grew, inevitably, some strategies became maladaptive leading you to feel stuck and hurt. This is especially true in those areas of life where you did not completely release stress or trauma from your body. As Bessel van der Kolk’s book title states – “the body keeps the score”.

Somatics is a body-centered modality which aims to address the ways in which stress, trauma, and resilience inhabit and activate the nervous system. A well-regulated nervous system is central to your mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. The techniques and tools utilized in somatic coaching help to retrain and rewire your nervous system towards a more sustainable level of wellbeing. By mindfully calming and regulating your nervous system you will be able to release the unfinished stress and trauma that is stored in your body. Once this happens you will begin to feel better while also paving the way towards enhanced resilience in the face of future stress and trauma. When you complete your coaching sessions, you will have a robust toolkit of information, tools, and practices. This toolkit is something you can take with you and share with your community for the rest of your life. 

Somatic coaching is a valuable investment if you want to:

  • remove internal blocks and limitations created by stress and trauma
  • reduce burnout, overwhelm, and stress
  • strengthen self-regulation skills
  • grow connectedness with yourself, others, and the natural world
  • improve problem solving and increase creativity
  • build empathy and compassion
  • replace reactivity with conscious choices and actions
  • practice presence and mindfulness
  • improve communication with yourself and others

During your coaching sessions you will learn useful information and simple practices that will allow you to begin feeling better immediately. These practices will set you on a path towards a lifetime of enhanced wellbeing. You will become more self-aware and increasingly able to make conscious choices instead of reacting. Layers of stuck stress and trauma will be released from your body’s tissues and you will begin to grow a deeper resilience in the face of difficult situations. 

You can expect to achieve the results stated above with some effort on your part. I never make guarantees that somatic coaching will completely transform your life for the better or forever. However, I can say with complete confidence that every client I have worked with thus far has walked away from their sessions with more and better tools for coping with life’s ups and downs. 

If you are struggling day to day with burnout, overwhelm, stress, trauma, anxiety, or similar states, I encourage you to schedule a call with me to discuss my services. You can learn more about my package pricing, what it includes, and how to decide if you are ready for coaching below.

If you want to try a somatic coaching session with no obligation to buy or you are ready to discuss purchasing a package, follow the button below to schedule your FREE 30min session. You can also reach out via my contact form here.

New Client 6 Session Package

I offer all new clients an initial 6 session package instead of a longer package or individual sessions. 6 sessions seems to be a sweet spot for integrating the somatic education, practices, and benefits that you will receive in our sessions without being locked in for too long a time. That way you can try it out and if you’ve learned enough to move on, you can do so freely or you can choose to keep working with me. If you want to continue working with me, you will be able to choose from 6, 9, and 12 week packages, pay per session, or negotiate other terms that best suite you.

  • Six hour-long sessions of trauma-informed somatic coaching tailored to your individual needs delivered virtually via Zoom
  • Additional coaching via emails and/or text messages with a max of 3 per week, responded to within 48 hours
  • Sessions may include the following:
    • education about the nervous system, etc.
    • somatic awareness techniques
    • mindfulness training
    • EFT Tapping
    • guided meditations
    • breathwork
    • movement
    • creative activities
    • goal setting
    • assessments
    • and more
  • The choice to try or not try things or stop a practice or method that is uncomfortable or not working for you at any time
  • Printable and digital resources
  • Recommendations for further information, other services, etc. with your consent
  • Optional membership in my Facebook group where I lead weekly somatic practices every Tuesday at 2pm PST – Somatic Practices for Mind-Body Stress Release and Resilience Building
  • Early access to new classes, services, and products



Contract: After your initial free 30min session or if you choose to forgo that, after we have agreed to work together, I will send you a contract to fill, sign, and return. The contract includes information about my cancellation and refund policies, the number of sessions you have purchased, the agreed upon cost of sessions, and other legal information. You must sign, fill, and return this before we can begin working together.

Payment: You will also receive a payment link which will either be for the entire amount or an agreed upon payment plan. You must make a first payment before our first session.

Scheduling: Once you have returned the contract and made your payment, I will sent you a link to schedule your sessions. I have a limited number of slots available, so be sure to schedule early for the best spots.

Intake: Before our first session you will be sent a link to fill out an extensive intake so that we can optimize your sessions and avoid spending too much time on small stuff. Please leave at least 30 minutes to fill out the intake before your first session.

Your Sessions

First Session: In your first session we will go over your intake and then do an activity called “The Bridge of Desires” which will help us to choose 1-3 primary aims for you to work on during our 6 weeks together.

Sessions 2-5: These sessions will be tailored to the aims that you chose in the first session as well as what is coming up for you in the moment. There will be a combination of individualized teachings on the nervous system and somatic practices along with the coaching.

Final Session: In this last session we will take a look at your progress and discuss how you want to move forward. You will also receive a request to fill out a feedback form for me. On the form you will be able to rate certain parts of the service that you received, give me honest feedback, and leave me a testimonial if you like.

Results: This is a process not a destination, so remember to be kind to yourself as you embark on this journey to a more regulated nervous system and greater clarity on your personal goals. If you put in the effort to get results, you should start feeling a difference within the first couple of weeks. Sometimes clients have breakthroughs right away, but it’s okay if it takes longer, too. There are no guaranteed results as experiences and the readiness for changes varies amongst individuals. However, you will walk away with a new set of tools to use in your daily life for the rest of your life and that is truly priceless.


I have chosen to use sliding-scale tiers for my services because I am dedicated to making coaching accessible to as many people as possible. Please read the table below to determine which tier you fall into. The middle tier represents the minimum cost of my services. I know that $900 for 6 sessions may seem like a lot of money to some people, but even this is a low price point for most 1:1 coaching services being offered out there.

I ask that you consider paying the highest amount that you comfortably can with the knowledge that I will in good faith, deliver the absolute highest quality services to you. By paying the highest price point that you can you help me to keep offering coaching services in a sustainable and equitable manner. Your investment in coaching services must absolutely be affordable AND worth it to you, so please take your time to choose wisely. If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Giving TierProsperity TierGrowth Tier
Per Session$200 and up$150 per session$75 – 140 per session
Price Total$1200 and up$900$450 – 840
DescriptionFor those who have ample means and who want to support the equitable access to coaching for those with lesser means.For those who have the resources to comfortably pay for coaching services.For low-income individuals. Limited slots available.
All tiers are eligible for payment plans. Payment plans are created to suit your individual needs.

After studying the above chart, you can choose which tier you fall into. You should never take unnecessary financial risks in order to pay for my services. For some people, paying a rate that feels like a bit of stretch can be very motivating and make them feel more invested in showing up for the coaching process. Others will feel more comfortable and motivated when they don’t feel like there’s as much at stake for them. Ask yourself what kind of investment will help you feel the most committed to this process. Without your complete commitment, this process will not work as well. 

Your Commitment

By signing up to a 6 week coaching package you are agreeing to show up on time to every session to the best of your ability, ready to do the work. You also agree to doing what you are able between sessions in order to reinforce our session work. It’s important that you only make this investment in coaching if you are truly ready and able to do this work. You will only get the results that you desire by putting in some effort and staying with the process. 

If you need time to think about it, there is never any pressure. You can always come back if right now is not the right time. I will never pressure you to make this commitment or to purchase my services. I have a lot of free resources and information in my blog, newsletter, and social posts, so if that’s where you need to be for now, that’s totally OKAY!

If you are ready to make this commitment click the link below to get started!