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But This is a Business… Why Should I Help?

I am a queer, disabled, neurodivergent single parent working hard to build a sustainable business with no outside help. I am the sole provider for my family which is very challenging as someone living with multiple disabilities, so any support that you can offer is deeply appreciated.

Your contribution is an act of economic justice, helping to even the playing field for myself and people like me who struggle to survive due to disability, neurodivergence, and/or marginalized status. Despite my challenges, I fervently want to make an impact in the world by guiding others towards greater resilience, trauma healing, and reduced stress levels. Your monthly contribution or one time donation helps make that goal a reality.

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So What Do I Get Out of Contributing?

You get a damn good feeling knowing that you are doing something tangible which will actually change the life of one person and their family who will in turn change the lives of many, many other people for the better. Your contribution will have a massive ripple effect in the world, especially if I get sufficient support to keep building this incredible business.

If you don’t want to give without getting more than the free content I create in return, that’s totally okay! You can check out how to hire me for coaching services here for book a call with me to learn more. Hiring me for my services is even better than giving Gratitude Offerings!

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